Race videos have surfaced from the Raia Rapida format meet held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In the above video, you can watch the finals of all four strokes, which pitted the two survivors of the previous knockout rounds against each other. (Full article on SwimSwam)

The commentary is in Portuguese but when Sir Rad swims and WINS who needs the translation right? It says a lot for my AE feels that I supported him over a Saffa.

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Nathan, Jimmy, Anthony and Ryan


Justin Lynch beating Michael Phelps record at just 16


@NathanGAdrian :Three generations of Adrian boys! I wonder if this means I will spend my later years dressed like them #likefatherlikeson”

Dear Nathan, You already dressed like Your Dad and Grandad

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I’m probably not going to post a lot this week cause:

1) first week of school aaaaah

2) my computer is being fixed and I’m stuck with a tiny laptop

3) a tiny laptop which takes 5min to even get internet :’( 

so bare with me in these hard, hard times!

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【Beautiful body line】

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How I´m feeling right now